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Customized Umbrella Manufacturing Process

Umbrella, meaning shadow and shading, has over 4000 decades of history. In the earliest, it appeared in the first populated towns. In most nations of the world, umbrellas have also been the sign of solemnity and emperor.

Following the birth of this umbrella in China, together with the growth of opening markets and up, it gradually spread to foreign countries. At the end of the 18th century, umbrella seemed at New York for the very first time. A couple of decades later, umbrellas gained the Pope’s interests. The umbrella was originally devised as a sunshade instrument, but it is frequently used to keep off the rain. With the advancement of the times, there are more and more different kinds of umbrellas, and the field of their use is becoming more extensive.
By purpose:
• Rain Umbrella
As an indispensable household item, an umbrella is ordinarily used for keeping the rain off and the majority of them are made from waterproof fabric without anti-ultraviolet function. It’s by far the most frequent type of umbrella, also called classic umbrella.
• Sun umbrella
The function of sun umbrella, anti-ultraviolet, readily can be seen from its name. In addition, the largest difference is that the surface and material of this sun umbrella are special, which makes the sunshade function particularly great, and the ultraviolet rays are blocked outside the surface.
• Sun-Rain umbrella
• Golf umbrella

• Beach umbrella
• Automated umbrella
• Fishing umbrella
• Artistic umbrella
• Painting umbrella
• Embroidery umbrella
• Pencil umbrella
• Bottle umbrella
• Kettle umbrella
• Tent umbrella (folding tent umbrella, Advertising tent)
• Advertising umbrella (marketing sun umbrella)
• Children umbrella
By foldable or not:

By feel:
• Nylon umbrella
• Plastic umbrella
• Fabric umbrella
• Oil-paper umbrella
Last words
The function of the umbrella has been recognized by the huge population of earth. It has become a must-have item for everybody to travel and go out. With the development of science and technology and also the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s pursuit of this design and function of umbrellas is constantly galvanizing people to look for new ideas. Umbrellas also bring a great deal of convenience and fun for us.

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